Starfish Wedding Invitations

Starfish Wedding Invitations. The notion of Ready made Concepts does not necessarily mean it is not unique. The true meaning of “Ready made Concepts” here is “picking some ideas / items we see everyday and transform them to wedding invitations”. In Hong Kong, there has been wedding invitation design trying to imitate a passport. This is an interesting and creative concept indeed.

Starfish Wedding Invitations. The couple can put their photos in this “passport”. They can even put their story, such as how they met, when they became boy and girl friends in this passport. The wedding invitation is not only an invitation, but also a story book which tells the story of the couple. Another idea is an air ticket, an air ticket may not be as romantic as the passport since there may not be enough space for telling the stories. However, it is very interesting in sense that a guest gets a “ticket”, and with this ticket he/she can attend the wedding ceremony.


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