Wedding Invitations Cards

Wedding Invitations Cards. When I was a kid, my Barbie and Ken got married two and three times a day. The ceremony was planned, usually before snack time, and all the guests were invited (GI Joe and the Fisher Price People).

Wedding Invitations Cards. In those days, handmade wedding invitations meant generously applying Elmer’s glue to paper and sprinkling glitter over it, then designing cool flowers with my box of 64 Crayolas. Paper was normally construction paper left over from my mother’s classroom, where she taught kindergarten, or corrugated paper my dad brought home from the office (this was the 70s, no regular copy paper). It was these images, which were conjured up in my head, when my friend brought up using handmade wedding invitations for my own wedding. What I soon found out was; handmade invitations are more elegant and beautiful than I ever imagined.


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