African Wedding Invitations

African Wedding Invitations, Most clients decide to have their invitations letterpressed and over follow on items digitally/flat printed. This allows you to definitely get the quality of letterpress for the invitation, but help save a little money on the stick to on pieces (RSVP, Path card, etc). You could get each and every piece letterpressed and the final result would look amazing, though the cost would be much greater. All in all, its your wedding and we believe its important to get whatever you want!

This may seem like a distinct answer to anyone who has felt, handled, or viewed a letterpress invitation, but we get lots of clients who have not heard about letterpress before their marriage ceremony.African Wedding Invitations Flat printing which is also known as digital printing and is exactly the same type of printing you would perform with your home computer and inkjet printer. You take a design document and print out. We make use of a commercial printing machine for you to print your invitations that allows for a better quality than by using a home printer. The main variations are paper thickness, in addition to impression. Letterpress allows for a new thicker paper and a feeling you can feel. Flat producing is normally smooth to touch. For this reason most people will get letterpress for his or her invitations and get flat publishing for the following pieces.


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