Average Wedding Invitation Cost

Average Wedding Invitation Cost Bridal Veil began in the 1880s with the construction of one of Oregon’s first paper mills on Bridal Veil Creek. A small number of houses were built at this time for the workers of the paper mill and their families to live. Later, a saw mill was built in Bridal Veil that assisted with the logging of timber on Larch Mountain. The Bridal Veil Falls Lumbering Company operated until 1936 until it was struck by fire and shutdown.

Average Wedding Invitation Cost Legend has it that a passenger on the stern wheeler traveling along the Columbia River, Baily Gatzert, saw what is now know as Bridal Veil Falls and remarked on how it looked like a “delicate, misty bride’s veil.” As the years went by, people begun to refer to this location of the Columbia River Gorge as Bride’s Veil. When the first post office opened around 1886 and a small railroad station was put in, the community was officially named Bridal Veil.


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