Birch Wedding Invitations

Birch Wedding Invitations, Employing the actual centuries-old art of letter-press, talented artist and proprietor of Ink Fancy, Tere Mendez, creates custom announcements that are simply delightful to get and to hold. Each one is hand-crafted from the highest quality papers, ink and embellishments, and aesthetically designed to suit your personal style. Through elegant invitations and mixture of words, to modern save-the-dates as well as menus, she provides remarkable customer service and heirloom level of quality products that you’ll wish to save for generations in the future. Now, what could be fancier than that?.

Letterpress wedding invitations are the most formal and chic invitations.Birch Wedding Invitations They consist of correct hand craftsmanship which goes back to the 1440’s when Gutenberg realize he wanted a method to mass produce the holy bible. Its the oldest type of printing and for the most component was phased out in the late 1960’s when offset printing shot to popularity. Back then letterpress printers might do what is called a hug and print. They would certainly not try to make a deep impact in paper and in reality you were classified as a poor printer if your printing experienced an impression.


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