Cardstock Wedding Invitations

Cardstock Wedding Invitations, Uncoated stationery paper has an without treatment surface that is dull as well as unreflective. It works well with regard to non-photo wedding invitations printed with thick cardstock. Uncoated papers is also easy to write upon with pen or pen, unlike coated paper. Buy uncoated paper if you want to incorporate a hand-written message in your themed wedding invitations or are sending guests RSVPs which require a written reaction. Opt for coated wedding invitations in case you’ll be including photos within your invites. Coated stationery can also be more water resistant and will maintain its color and outlast untreated paper.

Engraving is really a printing process invented throughout the 1600’s. Cardstock Wedding Invitations It made the actual printing of wedding invitations less expensive, less time consuming, and accessible to middle class couples. Throughout the 1600’s, engraved wedding invitations were created by an artisan who else inscribed text in reverse on to a metal plate utilizing a carving tool.


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