Cheap Country Wedding Invitations

Cheap Country Wedding Invitations Victorian Wedding Dress–1870s Both the bodice and skirt of the circa 1875-80 bridal gown are elegantly trimmed with lace frills and ruffles. The bride appears in an elegant wedding toilette of white satin. The back of the gown forms a flowing princess train which can be designed either square or round. In 1861, Godey’s Lady’s Book advises that when one is considering a wedding dress, it will be seen that no person is confined to any single style or material. A bridal dress that would be becoming to a tall and slender figure would look absurd on a dumpy person. This elegant, yet simple, ivory satin gown with an attached wide gathered skirt is from the early 1860s.

Cheap Country Wedding Invitations The neckline is trimmed with a handmade lace ruffle and the bodice features a back-laced closing. Underneath the bride wore a corset over an embroidered chemise. Layers of full petticoats worn with a crinoline hoop achieved the full bellowing skirt typical of the early 1860s. For a traditional wedding an elaborate wedding cake will hold the place of honor in the center of a beautifully decorated table. See pictures and learn history of wedding cakes During the Victorian era, there was much importance put on a young lady’s wedding day.


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