Emerald Green Wedding Invitations

Emerald Green Wedding Invitations, This invite is really easy. Just choose a font you love. Following, print your text level using contrasting colors. To complete, glue the text layer for you to solid card stock. This is actually the perfect invitation to make inside mass production. Check out the local crafts or scrapbooking retailer for rolls of decals. We found the perfect tea leaf pattern for this invitation. Print out your text on credit card stock and adhere the actual sticker. It only takes a few minutes for each invitation.

With so many beautiful scrapbooking papers, why not use them in your invitations? We made probably the most out of this unique paper by simply creating a very horizontal invites then backing it along with a complementary card stock.Emerald Green Wedding Invitations This really is another very easy invitation. Select a ribbon that matches your personal color scheme and set it with matching credit stock. Hot-glue the bows to the card stock. Cover the ribbon around this layer to create a clean collection. Finally attach a support layer so you don’t view the wrapped ribbon.


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