Fourth Of July Wedding Invitations

Fourth Of July Wedding Invitations, One of my favorite craft materials ever is the versatile fluffy paint. It’s usually found in the children or t-shirt craft church aisle, but you can use it on almost anything. It is made in bright, bold colors, metallics, glitters, and more. The dark-colored belly band above is actually painted with metallic silver precious metal paint to look like pearl jewelry.

Punch it up another level by tying a elegance to your invite. Fourth Of July Wedding Invitations The snowflake above is actually an old Xmas ornament, but you can also locate inspiration in the jewelry division. Beads, pendants, seashells, necklaces, and more can all then add fun to your invites. “Ribbon Corners” features wide silk ribbon tucked neatly across the edges of subtly-set textual content. The overall effect is smooth and romantic, while continue to embracing your wedding’s colour scheme. Shown here along with lined envelopes and a split insert.


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