Free Wedding Invitation Templates For Word

Free Wedding Invitation Templates For Word Make sure you’ve got all the details: names, date, time, location, and RSVP info correct. Rather than a folded card and envelope, use a postcard for your RSVP. Not only will you save on weight for your invitation postage, but you’ll save $0.15 in postage for each RSVP. This might seem counter-intuitive, but since almost every couple remembers someone that they HAVE to invite at the last minute, you’ll want to have a few extra wedding invitations.

Free Wedding Invitation Templates For Word And since it’s likely that you’ll make a few goofs while addressing them, order extra envelopes as well. It will cost you a little extra now, but save you lots of reprinting and rush charges later. Your wedding invitation is your first chance to make an impression with your guests. It’s the first chance you get to set the theme and style of your wedding, and let your friends and family know what they’ll be in for.


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