Hebrew Wedding Invitations

Hebrew Wedding Invitations, 70
To include an Asian flair directly into this invitation, we layered the back of this petal wrap with a modern Asian-inspired report. We kept the text part simple by printing upon a coordinating card investment. We fell in love with this loose tea leaf card stock. It’s a quite thick paper that did not need another layer connected with card stock. For our text message layer, we printed straight onto a vellum stratum then attached it inside the corners using small brads.

Give an invitation a home made look with the help of your stitching machine. Hebrew Wedding Invitations After gluing the particular layers together, zigzag-stitch throughout the edges with bright line. Highlight your monogram having a scrapbooking tag. Make this party invitation by printing your preliminary on card stock 1 shade darker than your own invitation layer (printing any sheet of letters will save time). Trace around the label rim, centering the notice inside. Cut around the of your line. Place the letter within the tag — it should suit snugly. Hot-glue the home made grommet to the invitation.


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