How To Create Wedding Invitations

How To Create Wedding Invitations, The quality. Letterpress invitations consist of a heavy impression usually on silk cotton paper. The texture of the document, thickness of paper and also deep impression makes letterpress very desirable. The time spent, and material cost. Whenever we think about the cost of invitations, letterpress is by far the most expensive. The primary reason is the paper and period it takes to create the attracts. Even still today almost all letterpress shops are using devices which date from the 1890’s (Gordon Platen Press) to be able to 1960’s (Vandercook Proof Press). The equipment produces amazing high quality, but there is still any manual piece. The report cost alone for stationery can be more than the cost of performing flat printing.

Cotton pieces of paper comes in different weights.How To Create Wedding Invitations Because referenced, Crane is the biggest cotton company in the request market. They offer two primary weights for letterpress 110lb and 220lb paper. Many people will opt for 110lb to save cash. At Old City Push, we do not particularly like 110lb paper. We have found whilst it’s technically cotton papers the weight is just too thin. The compny seeks to lean towards the other main markets like Holyoke who also carries 140lb and Reich who carries 160lb document.


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