Minted Wedding Invites

Minted Wedding Invites Envelops that are not the standard size or shapes, such as square, will require additional postage. Also, if any of your invitations are going to other countries, also take this into consideration. Mailing to another country will cost more. Once you have determined how much it will cost, take this amount and multiply it by how many invitations you will be mailing out to know how much you will need to make your check to the Bridal Veil post office for.

Minted Wedding Invites See what postage stamp design(s) that you would like that are currently available at, you are only going to the site to look. You need to order your stamps directly from the Bridal Veil post office. Mail your order to the Bridal Veil post office by sending a note with your name, telephone number, full return address, and a signed check for the amount you figured out in step 1.


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