Vineyard Wedding Invitations

Vineyard Wedding Invitations Dropping it down from the top edge of the right-hand corner and in a little bit from the right side, will keep the stamp in the corner it’s required to be in and also leave the postmaster enough room to place the postmark image nicely over your postage. It’s also important to remember that the post mark needs to be on, at the very least, a small part of each stamp, if you are using more than one, it needs to be able to cancel out all of the stamps.

Vineyard Wedding Invitations Write a note to the Postmaster of Bridal Veil thanking them for sending out your invitations and include the information they will need to mail out your invitations. Let them know what day you want the invitations postmarked for, as well as your name, phone number, and return address. If you are sending more than 50 invitations to be sent out, you will need to send a check for an additional hand cancellation charge of 5 cents per envelope over 50. Even at 5 cents per envelope after your first 50 envelops for free, this is a great price. Most post offices charge over 10 cents for every envelope they hand cancel.


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