wedding invitation ornament

sap. I conserve everyone’s shower invites and also wedding invites, so I think the time between seeing this particular and doing this has connected with the giving away of an invite, but… it was time. A buddy of mine is getting wedded in a week or so. I’m unable to attend her wedding, however she was sweet sufficient to send me an ask.

This beautiful glass decoration allows the invitation to become preserved and displayed for a long time to come. Makes the perfect present for newlyweds or wedding anniversaries. Could also be used to celebrate the graduation (using the graduating invitation. )

I saw a concept like this a long time ago. I avoid remember if it was in any magazine or on the internet, however it was prior to me running a blog, and documenting sources. Seems wanting to try it for years. Within the above ornament is a wedding ceremony invitation. I made it for any friend as a keepsake in order to commemorate her wedding. I am a


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