Wedding Invitations With Pockets

Wedding Invitations With Pockets After getting our wedding invitations off in the mail, we off to see Bridal Veil Falls for ourselves. We drove to where the falls are located and hiked a third of a mile in to see them. In good old Oregon fashion, it started raining while we were hiking in and without umbrellas. It was still worth it! The hike was beautiful and the falls do remind you of a bride’s veil. Do not send your invitations pre-stamped to the post office.

Wedding Invitations With Pockets The post office relies on your postage purchase in order to keep it open. Even though I had already purchased wedding stamps, I re-purchased them at the Bridal Veil post office to make sure I supported keeping them open and this wonderful wedding tradition alive. Weigh one of your completed stuffed invitations to determine the correct amount of postage that will be required for each invitation. If you have unusual shaped envelopes, make sure to take this into consideration.


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