Whimsical Wedding Invitations

Whimsical Wedding Invitations and horses, you can save money by using only one envelope. Make sure to get your invites hand cancelled by the post office, which will minimize extra wear and tear. ome people mistakenly think that as long as their invites weigh less than one ounce, they can use a regular first class stamp. Not only is this not true, but most invitations weigh more than an ounce. If your reception is at the same location as the wedding, there is no need for a separate reception card. Instead write “reception to follow” or “dinner and dancing to follow” at the bottom of the invite.

Whimsical Wedding Invitations Even if the locations differ, you can write “Reception to Follow, Jamestown Country Club” on the invitation, and then include a simple photocopied insert with a map and reception details. A no-brainer, perhaps, but you’d be surprised how many people find errors on their wedding invitations and have to re-order with extra rush charges. Get a couple of trusted friends or colleagues to look over the invitation proof for extra insurance.


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