Wording For Wedding Invites

Wording For Wedding Invites, Wedding invitations are available in three dimensions: 6 3/8 by eight 7/8 inches, 5 0.5 by 7 1/2 ins and 4 1/2 through 6 1/4 inches. Each one of these letter sheets fits in some matching envelopes. The two greater sizes are also available with another fold across the middle on the sheet. The sheets collapse a second time from top to bottom. The particular fold runs beneath the “to” line and does not cut throughout any of the engraving. These announcements are the most traditional. Should you glimpse your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding invitations, you’ll likely discover they were done with a second flip.

These traditional invitations may date back to earlier times when most elegant social events were held within cities and towns.Wording For Wedding Invites Typically the residents had relatively little mailboxes so instead of getting the postman stuff large wedding invitations into small mailboxes, engravers folded the invitations nicely into smaller envelopes.


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